Heritage Classic

So, I took the old bike in for it's twenty-five thousand mile tune up. It's the highest milage 2010 they've seen. As I'm sure I've mentioned, I'm proud of my milage :)

Anyway, they found a few things, one that made the bike unfit to ride. Rear wheel bearings or something,  he said my rear wheel could have seized up at any moment. Luckily They are covered under the bike's warranty. They also noticed my belt (it's a belt drive bike) is shot and it looks like I got a rock or something rolling around in there and things are pretty banged up. This is most likely not going to be covered under the warranty, and will run around thirteen hundred. I nearly shit my boxer-briefs.

I pulled the cancer card so fast, it would have made your head spin. The service manager said we've got a 40/60 chance (we're on the 40 side) of getting it covered. I was like "PLEASE use the word 'terminal' when you're stating my case".

Anyway, to add insult to injury, they gave me a loaner, and its a Heritage Classic. A FUCKING HERITAGE CLASSIC! I feel like my knees are up by my ears. At least it's not a Sportster. It was weird getting used to, especially the moment I realized it didn't have anti lock breaks (like mine). The rear wheel seized up on me about ten feet from their parking lot and threatened to swerve out from under me. I'm pretty sure I left a black line in the pavement, and maybe even a little puff of smoke. I was like "This fucking bike...".

So yeah, let's all just hope it's covered under the warranty. We'll find out Tuesday. I have to ride this fucking Heritage Classic till Tuesday. I've been spoiled by my bike. This one doesn't even have a stereo :(