A Real Whomper

I'm thinking about throwing myself a birthday party. A real whomper. My birthday happens to fall on a Saturday this year, so that's extra cool. I was just beginning to scout out some locations and pretty much fell in love with the first place I found. It's the Broadway Bar And Grill, and they have a VERY swanky space you can reserve for a party and all you have to do is put your name in. It's free.

I don't know much about party planning, but I'm going to need some sort of count in order to get the ball rolling. I have no idea how many people are likely to attend. I think it could be between 20 and 200, but that doesn't help much. When I think about the whole "e-vite" thing, I know there's people who would come, but I don't have their e mail addresses. Is there a less formal way of going about this? Any suggestions? Like if I send out an invitation to a list of people representing as many facets of my life as I can think of, then tell them to invite everyone they think might come, then get back to me with a count or something?

(not that it matters, and please don't feel sorry for me) My last TWO birthdays were basically canceled because of cancer treatment. I had a couple friends come over to note the occasion, but no parties. I want this one to be a blow out. It deserves to be a blow out.

In other news, it turns out the warranty is going to pay for all the repairs on the bike! Hooray!! Now I can take the money I was going to spend on repairs and spend it on drugs and hookers instead!!