More Bitching. Just what everyone wants to read :(

Well, had another appointment with Dr. T on tuesday. No luck on pain meds. He did prescribe some very powerful anti inflammatories which are fucking up my stomach and lower intestines pretty well and good, but I guess I'll just trade one pain for another (again) Waaaaahhhhhh. I'm such a fucking pussy. Whatever.
I'm more tired of dealing with this then anyone can possibly imagine, including my family, but I guess that stands to reason becasue they see me the least. I don't mean to be rude, but I'm just feeling a huge lack of understanding. Whatever, I'll just keep plugging away, I guess. I'm going to be limping and vomiting into the grave, but at least I'll be here present on the Earth's surface, right? So I guess that's the point? I think I've lost track of the point ten thousand blood draws ago.
Sorry about the tone of this posting, I'm just frustrated and tired and misunderstood. I'm being slowly ground to a nub. But at least I'm here.