Western Medicine

Well, the big party is this Saturday. I'm sure excited! Should be a really good time. Jamie even secured a DJ I saw randomly at a vegan family pizza restaurant in Eugene (of all places to find a kick-ass DJ).

My knee has almost fully recovered. Strange, in a way, how my doctor was able, through his own experience and knowledge, to asses the situation (no x-rays or anything), he just looked at it and knew exactly what was going on in there. Was it simply a matter of going on anti inflammatories? Couldn't possibly be because I was already taking a quite powerful anti inflammatory called Celebrex. He switched me to a more powerful one and the knee cleared up just like I soaked it in a whole vat of magic crystals. Those anti inflammatories worked so well, you'd have thought they came off the shelf of some ancient Chinese apothecary. But everyone is shocked and surprised that it was actually (drum roll please) modern WESTERN medicine that took me from absolutely crippled (completely dependent on a cane to even walk safely down the hallway of my apartment) to walking with no limp at all in just a few short days. It worked like prayer is alleged to.

No one will remember this though. They will only remember the anecdotes and stories of people they don't know, mostly internet accounts of ancient Chinese herbs working to cure cancer. I'm going to use the term "ancient Chinese herbs" as a blanket term to describe any alternative therapy, or anything outside of western medicine. I know it's not an accurate way to lump all such therapies, but I'm going to do it anyway.

Western medicine is where it's at. If my knee issues aren't proof that there is at least some teeth to the claim that western medicine is where it's at, then we're all hopeless.