The Fund Raiser

Well, this weekend was the community garage sale/fund raiser to help me out with my medical bills. It's hard to swallow my pride enough to let something like this happen, but I was talking to my psychologist about it and she basically said that I'm still living like we're on "plan A", when we are clearly on to "plan B". Plan A is over. This, and helping me out is good for everyone.

Anyway, the sale was a smashing success! We brought in (with sales and donations) over $2600. I've already set up a separate checking account with separate checks and everything to use for medical expenses. This lifts a very heavy burden off of me.

I don't quite know how to say "Thank You" to everyone who helped put this thing together (Justin, Mom, Dad, Jeannine, Heidi, Lori, all my nieces and nephews, etc, etc, etc....). And to everyone who came out to support the cause. Thank you. Your help was very needed.