Burning Man

Well, it happened again. Another person decided I needed to have my world view dissected. They gave me a point by point breakdown of everything (probably not everything) that's wrong with the way in which I perceive the workings of the universe. I think this is just going to keep happening. I don't, and in fact can't, understand how anyone thinks this is appropriate.  But, in order to not get frustrated every time I get confronted about my extreme wrongness, I should just expect that it will happen again, and again. If I am truly comfortable with my beliefs then receiving a challenge to those views should amuse me. So that's how I am going to look at it now. As amusing. So if you'd like to correct my world view, know that I am just going to shake my head and smile and say "oh you crazy Christians!".

In other news, Here are a couple points of interest: I had an appointment with Dr. T last Tuesday that was completely uneventful. I'm starting to write rap lyrics again, hopefully to do a colab-o (collaboration) with my brother Justin. Girls who are into "burning man", or who talk about "burning man", plan to go to "burning man", have gone to "burning man", are flakes. Not all, mind you, but certainly a vast, vast majority are. My bike is still in the shop, they have me on a pretty nice loaner, so I'm not too worried about it. It'll all be covered under the factory warranty. My travel plans are materializing. I booked my airfare and hotel (did I mention this?). I'm leaving on November 10th and returning on the 21st. Should be nice. Working overtime this weekend for some added spending money. I had to work a 4-12:30 shift yesterday and today (Saturday and Sunday). I'm so tired I feel like a scolded dog, but I just keep thinking to myself "euros, euros, euros...". I want to be able to relax about money while I'm there. Everything else is fine. Just fine.

That's all.