Hey everyone,
Just thought I'd give a little update. Just had a scan last Monday, then the follow up on Tuesday (as usual). Turns out everything continues to hold steady (as usual for me, this isn't usual for almost every other person who has ever gone onto RO5185426). Dr. T and I just shake our heads and agree to just keep on taking it. It makes me wonder what the long term effects are of this medication that normal people only take for a few months. I don't really care what they are, the added time has been welcomed (dramatic understatement). Dr. T said I'm in a group of about 5% of patients who have had this med for this long. It's kinda like loosing the lottery, then winning the lottery.
Other then that, today is my 28th straight day of work and I forgot my cell phone at home. It's very isolating when I do that (both times). I guess I'm just a part of "that" generation, which I don't like admitting for some reason. Probably because I remember the days of phones that plugged into the wall. Yes, kids, things were really that way. Anyway, the overtime is providing walking money in Berlin. This is probably the one-hundredth time I've mentioned that. Days are definitely starting to blur together. I'm actually planning on taking Tomorrow off (look at that, I even capitalized it. I really need a day off...).