Sunday in Berlin = Nap Time

Well, it's Sunday in Berlin. that means NOTHING is going on. I think if I had known this I would have left this morning instead of tomorrow morning. Today is going to be very... napful. There's nothing else to do.

Yesterday I was able to find another "Bavarian" restaurant and had more brats and kraut (yum!). A fellow at the restaurant from the day before told me about it and gave me vague directions and I found it. He also gave me vague directions to a used bookstore with a decent selection of American books. I found that too, but, ironically, I'm looking for book 2 from Stephen King's Dark Tower series, and out of all the Stephen King books that exist, the only one they had was an old copy of book 1 from that series which I just finished.

Then I went to a Dr. Martin store I found over the internet, thought it might be cool to have a pair of those from Berlin. I was kinda proud of myself for finding that on my own too. Look up the subway map for Berlin and know that I have mastered it :) Seriously, look it up. It's a dread lock of tracks and lines.