Prodigal Daughter

Like the prodigal daughter, Danger has returned to me. Laura drove me up there yesterday afternoon and I picked her up. It was kinda funny because they called me Friday to let me know it was done, I couldn't pick it up just then, so I got it Saturday. When I got there eager to hop on it, They said "We're almost done, he's just putting the fairing on". I had to wait about another hour for them to be done. I guess I'm lucky I didn't try to make it up there Friday... I'm just glad to have her back. She looks good :) All her clasps on the saddle bags are nice and new-feeling. I was going to say nice and tight, but that seemed a little to "blue".

Anyway, I've been ordering stuff online to assemble a sound system for the bug. parcels are starting to trickle in, when I get it all together, then I'll try and figure out how the heck it all comes together. One thing's for sure: parts for that thing are cheap as heck-fire. I found a stereo that looks like a vintage original stereo, but I can connect my ipod to it. Should be cool looking... Am I repeating myself?