Go Get Jack

Well, the fashion show looms ever closer. I ended up having two cancelations for my table, and one of those tickets has already been spoken for, so I have one extra if anyone's interested. It's $150, June 14th at 11am in the Seattle Weston. Should be a fun time indeed, and I promise to throw out my very best "Blue Steel" look as I strut my shit down the catwalk.

I just finished watching 5 seasons of Dexter. Pretty good show, but one thing about going on a huge binge of all available episodes of a given show is you catch on to common themes and lines of dialogue that reoccur throughout the series. For instance, I've seen all episodes of "Sex and the City" (a fact I'm not necessarily proud of, but kind of) a common line spoken by the the main character's narration is "meanwhile, across town...". In Dexter, one of the common lines is "She/he sees me for who I really am". In Lost, one of the lines is "Go get Jack". In Family Guy, it's "Just like that time we...". In The Sopranos, it's "Fucking cunt".

In other news, The Mars Volta came out with another album. It's pretty much mind blowing, but if that band took a shit onto a flat rock, then smeared it around so it dried in the hot sun, I'd probably think that was mind blowing too.

Anyway, I'm off to brunch.