I (Heart) Dramamine

Well, the cruise is going well. The boat sure moves more then I anticipated it would. The first day I came down and ate breakfast, then, in very prompt fashion, I fed it to the sea (and the side of the boat). Then one more very thorough purging and I was done. I ate enough Dramamine to kill a heard of elephants and slept pretty much the entire day. The next day was much better, and it's not been too bad since. We've seen whales (most likely killer whales, but I'd like to tell myself they were gray whales, or humpbacks). I don't know how many there were, but I'd guess over a hundred. no full on jumping, and most were pretty far out, some were close enough to hit with a beer bottle. It was pretty fucking rad. Then in Ketchikan there were so many eagles we were practically sho-ing them out of our faces.

It's been very fun, should be back in Seattle tomorrow (frown face...). This internet connection is kinda expensive, so I should probably get off here. Like now. Pronto. I shouldn't wait another minute. Not one more minute. Seriously, I'm not joking. They're charging by the minute, so I should get right off here. The longer I'm on here, the more I'm paying, so I seriously should sign out of this world wide web internet connection, cause it's getting expensive. Really expensive. Seriously.