Ironic Mustache

I'd like to send a little message to the BASTARDS running city hall: If you'd like to have less traffic congestion in the down town metropolitan area, how about free parking for motorcycles -or- they can park on the sidewalk. Think about it, more motorcycles on the surface streets relieves traffic jams, increases smiles and decreases pollution. How is this not a good thing for every body involved? Isn't anyone listening to me?

Living on Capitol Hill I see a lot of "hipster" culture. One fashion I see cropping up more and more is young men wearing mustaches. The thing about the hipsters is that they intentionally make themselves look ugly because they are just cool enough to pull it off (which isn't actually true, but they seem to think so). You see a lot of mustard colored cardigans, tight trousers, and mustaches. Because they wear these things trying to look ugly, trying to look cool, I have dubbed such styles as "ironic". The ironic mustache is sweeping Capitol Hill.

Another way a mustache can be ironic is when it pops up in an unexpected place, or in an unexpected style. Do a google image search for "Otto Frank" (Anne Frank's father) and you'll see the ultimate example of an ironic mustache. It's down right hile-larious!