You Had To Be There is such a rich gold vein running through the collective body that is pop culture. I could waste my entire day watching people eat shit on treadmills. Too many people place their treadmill backed up against a wall. I wouldn't advise this, because if you eat shit, it causes a rolling effect to kick in. One of the things I find interesting about the whole Youtube phenomenon is that there are surveillance cameras all around society, and the infrastructure is built out of smart phones. we have the opportunity to witness these private moments in a public forum. "You had to be there" is becoming an obsolete phrase. I think smart phone manufacturers should work on incorporating a "quick draw" apparatus to help us catch these moments with more effectiveness and precision. I would wager that after the release of such a phone, the Youtube afternoons will become that much better.

Just returned from Charleston last night around 11:59:59. The flight was long, but the pilot somehow managed to get us to the gate 20 minute early, which meant there was an aircraft parked in our space. So we had to wait 20 minutes that excruciatingly slowly turned into 40 minutes. The trip, however, was a complete success, I had a great time meeting Laura's family, and I think nearly everyone liked me back. I got to see the sunrise over the ocean, a treat rarely, if ever, witnessed in the pacific north west. Took moonlight swims almost every night (on account of my sun issues...). I finished the book I was reading, read the book I wanted, and got started on a third. It was truly relaxing. There was a very nice screened-in front porch with a hammock I spent some time on. I even managed to apply SPF 100 sunblock and still get a little burned off the reflection in the driveway. It was even (mercifully) unseasonably cloudy. A very good time overall.

Somehow, whenever I return from vacation, I'm complete wiped out. Why is this?