3 Participants

Two appointments ago I asked Dr. Thompson if it would be possible to reduce my number of appointments there at the SCCA. It turns out these appointments are dictated by the drug company who's study I'm still a part of. They determine my schedule of appointments, what blood draws I'll have, scans, EKG's, etc. My research coordinator e mailed the drug company to see if a reduction in appointments would be acceptable. They got back to her and said that is a possibility, and told her that there are two other people left on the study who did the same thing. That's right, out of all the people who comprised this study (I don't know how many, but I'm thinking somewhere near one thousand), there are three study participants remaining. The weird thing is that I have no idea how to feel about this information. Honestly, I'd like to find a way to use it to get onto Roche's (the drug company) payroll. It makes me want to ask three impossible questions: 1. When did those other two people enroll in the study? 2. Did everyone else leave the study because of remission, or, you know, some other reason? 3. Do those other two people rock as hard as I rock? 

These last two-plus years have been very mind bending. In a good way, for sure, but mind bending none-the-less. 

In other news, Laura will officially be moving in on Saturday! I'm excited about this next phase of our relationship. And the apartment could probably use a woman's touch :)