Procrastinuptading (<--- bad title)

My first instinct is to apologize about not updating this blog. Given the nature of it, my not posting could easily be misconstrued for something other then procrastination. I just haven't been in the mood for blogging lately. I'm not quite ready to say "Blog, I'm through with you". But perhaps I'm ready to say "Blog, I think we should take a step back". It'll probably occur in spurts, if you don't mind the use of the word.

So what's new? On the health front everything continues to hold steady. This is so rare, I really need to find a way to turn this unique situation into cash in my pocket. Any suggestions? Laura says I should contact that Seattle morning show called something like "Good Morning Now" or "Good Morning Today" or something like that. Do they pay? Do they know people who do? It's not that I'm broke, but a little extra lettuce in my salad wouldn't be a bad thing. 

I'm starting to take my motorcycle out more and more as the changing seasons allow for more favorable riding conditions. I'm exceedingly gun-shy on that bike in the beginning of the season. The other day I played with the idea of possibly selling it and getting something smaller that I'll just ride on city streets. Then I rode to work Tuesday and Wednesday and started getting my sea-legs back, cleared the cobwebs off of my biker instincts and figured I'd hang onto it for at least another year. I have at least that much time remaining on my prepaid service contract, so riding the bike - despite the expensive monthly payment - is really quite affordable. I have the bug in the shop right now getting a full tune-up, then I might just throw it into the garage and ride the bike full time through the duration of the summer. 

I've been working on a lot of artwork lately. I did about a half-baker's-dozen (that's right, 6 1/2) stipples, a couple of which I had enlarged and they adorn the walls of the apartment. I ended up getting an overhead projector off of CraigsList, which has become very handy making bigger projects. I did a self-portrait using it, and I've got a few more ideas on the back burner (with a couple more ideas on the middle burner. Is that a thing?). 

I'm going to a show tonight I'm rather excited about. The Dear Hunter will be playing at the El Corazon, and I'm taking Laura. They aren't too heavy, but this will be the closest thing Laura has ever come to a "rock show" and I'm proud to show her the ropes (I once asked her what the heaviest live music she's ever seen was. She asked "is Paul Simon heavy?"). This could possibly be one of those shows that is packed to the gills with kids. I've found myself at shows like this before and it's always a little disorienting. I silently criticize their fashion, judge their generation as hopeless, then I have this flash of self-reflecting insight, like that moment when you're at the pool and you find yourself saying "You kids stop splashing!". 

That's about it. Thanks for hanging in there :)