Feeling Ahead of the Game

I started back to work yesterday, Monday June 9th after a little over 5 weeks off. If I'm being optimistic (I try to be optimistic) then I would say something like "It was nice being back and seeing everyone". Let's just go with that. It actually wasn't horrible, people were (are) generally supportive and nice. They all know what I'm going through, and what this big absence was all about. Even people I never really talk to are suddenly my friends, which is kinda weird, but I think going through this and coming back to work in the same location gives me some street cred. I was hearing about a lot of the rumors that were floating around while I was out, people were saying that I'd never be back, or that I was going to be fired, or that I would be out for a year and a half, etc... But I'm a little tougher then that. They are starting to realize this.

Now I am focussed on moving. The apartment is really coming together, I've been packing a pile of boxes, then driving them over in my car to the new place. We had to double up on rent for the two apartments for this month because the deal over there was too good to pass up. It's been pretty convenient though because we're almost moved in. I'm aiming to only have furniture that couldn't be loaded into my (or Laura's) car. That plan is actually coming together nicely. I came home form work yesterday with this idea I was going to pack a few boxes and take them over, but most of the packing is done. I vacuumed and rolled up most of the area rugs, loaded up all my shoes except one pair, and a couple other odds and ends. We're having house guests this weekend, so some of the stuff here needs to stay, but we're really close to being done. A few more boxes and day-trips over there and Sunday's move really will be strictly furniture. It's nice feeling ahead of the game like this :)

That's about it for now. As I move closer to retirement, and that date looms closer, I'll (try to) continue to update this blog. Thanks for reading.