The New Apartment

The move in to the new apartment wen't very smoothly. All the car trips we made in the weeks leading up to the move day really paid off, as did all the time I spent laying awake at night, packing the moving truck in my mind. I was really concerned about how Boothy was going to fit into the new apartment. Not how she was going to fit into the living room, but how she was going to fit in the front door. When the time came to actually take her out of the truck, Pat, my dad and I talked about it briefly, and just decided to go for it, and she slid right in (that's what she said?). It was absolutely perfect.

We're about 80% unpacked, and the place is looking great! I have a little nook (the dining room) to work on my art, the booth fits very nicely into the living room. The kitchen, although small, has a deceptively large amount of cupboard space. It's a very cozy little apartment, and it's becoming more and more comfortable by the day. We've also been exploring the neighborhood spots a little. There's tons of little bars and restaurants that are begging to be discovered by us. We even found a trashy little place that has an open mic every Monday (called The Sea Monster), so Chapsy will be making use of that very soon. I'm waiting for my art show to finish at Harry's Bar (I still don't know when that show will close) before I start hanging stuff on the walls, I definitely want to hang some of my un-sold art. Getting some of that onto the walls is going to go a long way in making this place look a little more like home. Also getting some xmas lights up in here will help. If you ever came to see our old apartment in The Ragley, you'll know how we love our xmas lights :)

The one catch is Laura's bike, which was cable-locked to the front porch railing, was stolen two mornings ago. But we filed a police report, and called Safeco to file a claim on my renter's insurance, and we'll be getting at least some reimbursement for it. it's a little creepy to thing some fiend was up on the front porch, but I guess that's city living, and we're dealing with it well :)