Soak it Up

How long do I need to be out of work before I can start saying things like "back when I used to work"?

A common sentiment made by almost everyone I used to work near (this, of course, is back when I used to work) is how many more get-ups remained until The Weekend. Monday was torture, Tuesday people were just relieved to have Monday over with, Wednesday was hump day ("two more get-ups" people would say), etc.

I know living with my health issues probably gives me a unique perspective on how I spend time. A day or an hour or a week certainly have heightened apparent value to me, but I think the value of time is for everyone, not just people for whom there is realistically potential uncertainties. Constantly dreading Monday, then pushing through till The Weekend is a really great way to throw time away. All the time spent at work is still time on the Earth, time to think about love and loved ones. Time to contemplate the mysteries of the universe. Time to laugh over something stupid with a friendly coworker. I know no kid ever tells his mother "when I grow up, I want to work in a factory." Nearly no one loves going to work, but throwing weeks away seems reckless to me.

Savor your time, people. Be alive. Experience your own unique consciousness. This sounds a little hippy-dippy, I know, but that doesn't make it any less true. This is your one go-around in this life. Soak it the fuck up!