New Cycle Count

Today is a bit of a landmark day for me. I'm not sure about all forms of cancer treatment, but at least some of it is sectioned out into cycles. For me a cycle equals three weeks. On the medication I've been taking (Vemurafenib) people normally receive about 8 to 10 cycles worth of benefit out of it. Meaning that after about 8 months or so the cancer starts growing again. Today is the end of my 89th cycle. The drug company who sponsors the study I'm enrolled in has made a new branch of the study for the few remaining participants who are still hanging on. It'll involve less appointments and scans (I'm currently being scanned every 9 weeks, most recently this past Monday) and a different definition of what a cycle will be. For this reason my cycle count will begin back at 1. I'm not sure what the new cycle will consist of, but I'll certainly be happy to be scanned less and have fewer blood draws. Hooray for science!!!