I really ought to blog more. It seems like I have a lot of entries that start with an apology for not writing something in too long, followed with a promise to write more. Just like this blog.

Anyway, I've been thinking about it, about what stops me from writing more in this blog. I'd seriously like to do it as a regular discipline. I love to write, and I think it would be very healthy to do more of it. One of the things that holds me back is that I don't want to say controversial things. I have all these thoughts and opinions about things that are going on in the country and in our society, but I don't think they are very popular opinions, and in an attempt to avoid hurting people's feelings, I withhold myself. I think I might stop doing this, and if it works, I'll keep vomiting my truth here, but if it doesn't and I just piss off people that I love, I might switch to an anonymous blog.

I don't know what it is, some exhibitionist living in my head needs to have these words read by someone. I could easily just write these things down in a word document, but I just don't want to. There's something so masturbatory about seeing how many views I can get, there's just no way I could keep it private. I'm simply too narcissistic for that.

Let's start here: Donald Trump. It's not that I don't like him (I don't like him), or even that I don't think he would make a good president (I don't think he would). The fact that our society has been so supportive of his bid for the White House says something about us. We are a cult of personality. Imagine hearing any of the other republican candidates (or democratic, for that matter) saying the types of things Trump has said. Imagine if Jeb even slightly implied that Mexican migrants are rapists and criminals, people would be shocked. Somehow we expect that kind of behavior from Trump, and our expectation make us think it's ok.

I'm not even trying to be an advocate of political correctness, I just think there's certain behavior that you should never see the president of a nation doing, like making derogatory comments about a woman's period. But you know what happens? He does it, and his power grows.  

Because in America, we applaud ignorance. And I think that has become what American's are known for in the eyes rest of the world. Applauding ignorance.