Blake plays bass

Welp, the open mic was pretty much a smashing success. Thanks to all my friends and family who made it out, struggled with parking, fought for seating, and stayed up too late for a weeknight. I really, sincerely, earnestly, genuinely, whole heartedly appreciate it!

KatiRose (my singer) and I are planning on picking out three more songs and doing another open mic soon. I've really enjoyed all this music in my life lately. My guitar has laid dormant for years until just recently. Did I mention that I'm also giving guitar lessons on Thursday nights? Also, My friend Blake plays bass (say "Blake plays bass" ten times as fast as you can) and sings lead in a local band called "Hotels" and has asked me to play bass (for one song only, but still...) at their CD release party in February. Hotels is "kind of a big deal" around Seattle! Exciting, exciting stuff! The funny thing is I'm not looking for these opportunities, they are landing in my lap. Rock!