A Dream

I had a dream last night that I was looking at myself in the mirror and noticed little gobs of slime in the corners of my eyes. I was probably dreaming this because of my recent engagement with pink eye. In real life I've been getting little gobs of slime that, when I pull them out, they stretch like a nice long booger. They pull out from under my lower eye lid. It feels really, really strange. In the dream the gobs were a little more substantial then in real life, and when I pulled them out, they revealed the tail of a worm-like grub. When I got a hold of it with my fingernail and removed it, it was moving and had a small bushel of black hairs growing out the end. I threw it to the ground, then realized there was another one right behind it. This went on until there was a small scattering of squirming grubs writhing on the carpet. I went to grab a broom to sweep them up, but when I started sweeping I got distracted by something and the task was left unfinished. I returned back to that spot the next morning (still in the dream) and the grubs had grown into small creatures that could only be described as a rat mixed with a quail and made out of soft brown rubber, the consistency of fake dog-poop you would buy at the Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe. They had very long tails that branched out like the roots of a plant. I poked one of them and it twitched against my finger, this is when I felt that "fake dog-poop" elasticity. Then the dream changed, I was crawling across giant boulders on some beach (or next to some river) in the dark. Then I woke up frustrated.

Anyway, the conjunctivitis (pink eye) is clearing up nicely, still a little slimy, but no grubs.

In other news, I'm playing the open mic at the Hopvine Pub tonight (http://www.3pubs.com/Hopvine.html) with my very good friend. If you're free, the show starts at 8:30, I'm going to try to get on the sign up list early. Should be a good time!