Is it just me, or does it seem like the stereotype of person who uses a blue tooth head piece is becoming narrower and narrower? Pretty soon they will be worn exclusively by Caucasian males between the ages of 47 and 61 who have pony tails.

Anyway, it's kinda funny how there's certain things I can't really write about on this blog because of the drama that would unfold if I did so. There's one situation in particular that doesn't involve me at all, but I'm bearing witness to it, and it would make for some awfully compelling blogging. It's developing into a nice little saga, but the parties involved only might read this, and for that reason, I have to steer clear of the topic. That's all I have to say about that.

One more quick thing, then I'm out. Many know that I love the band "The Mars Volta". They're one of those bands that you don't like right away, it takes a few listens to get used to it. Do you like any bands who you didn't appreciate until after a few listens through the album? Volta's lead singer has a squeaky voice reminiscent of Geddy Lee, and their music is chaotic and energetic, often times bordering on experimental. Two of their albums are "stand outs" in my extremely humble opinion, they are "Deloused in the Commatorium" and "The Bedlam in Goliath". Specifically I'd like to discuss The Bedlam. This album is like something else. It feels like it tickles a sense you don't know you have, not quite audio, not quite visual. It's hard to describe. It's like something else. It is beautiful, haunting, melodic and chaotic. Some parts play out like "big-tent" revival rock. It moves my emotions. It's so cliche, but listening to this album is a journey. It has standout tracks (like "Wax Simulacra" and "Goliath"), but it should really be listened to from start to finish. It is like an abstract painting that is made to resemble something that only the artist knows. However, the form is so beautiful and has so many perspective points, it could mean anything to any observer, which makes it truly universal. I wish I could give everyone a copy of this, but Itunes will only allow a certain number of cd's to be burned off of certain albums. I think The Bedlam in Goliath could only be burned 7 times. Highly, highly recommended. It might take you a few listens though...