Surprise Attack

I wonder if I could beat up George Foreman? In his current condition, I mean. It seems like he's got quite a bit of snap left in him, but that's based on George Foreman Grill commercials where they have him looking his best. He might have to slur through ten takes before getting one that's usable. We really don't know what he's like in a day-to-day way. 
I think we need to classify what kind of fight we're talking about first. As I see it, there are three classifications of fights. First is the kind where I would rush up onto George Foreman at a commercial shoot or something and just start swinging. Totally surprise attack. The second is where we would have an argument that escalates until we are taking it into the parking lot. The third would be in a boxing ring, by boxing rules.  
In scenario number one I think I could really deliver a beating to George Foreman, providing his handlers don't pounce me. For that reason, lets place the scenario somewhere he'll be alone, like a dressing room or a bathroom stall. In a situation like this, I think I could seriously hurt the man.

Scenario number two might be a toss-up. I'm pretty sure I could take him. How old is George Foreman anyway? It would be easy enough to just look that information up, I mean I am sitting here at a computer terminal that is connected to the internet, but I'll just speculate his age at sixty-seven. It also depends on how much he's been drinking.

He might have me in the third scenario. I'd have to resort to a little "dirty boxing", or maybe I could just bite his ear off.

I would kick Muhammad Ali's ass in any of these situations. Is he still alive even?