The Distorted View Show

So, there's this awesome podcast I listen to called "The Distorted View Show". If you have delicate sensibilities you probably shouldn't check this show out. It is comedy, but the host operates like his goal is to violate as many FCC regulations as possible (per minute). That's the great thing about podcasting, there are no regulations about content or language or anything, it's purely up to the whims of the creator of the podcast. Tim Henson, the host of this ground breaking (sorta?) show, traipses all over convention and decency.

This being said, he has a segment of the show where he plays voice mail messages his listeners leave on a special voice mail line. Henson doesn't listen to the messages before he plays them, he just takes ten or so off the top and those are the calls for that days show. If people call in often enough they force themselves to become a character on his show. People come up with cleaver little names for themselves and comment on other shows, other callers, or life in general. Some calls are you-know-you-are-a-freak-when moments. Have you ever had a you-know-you-are-a-freak-when moment? I have.

Anyway, I started calling in to this show on a regular basis, and making it onto most episodes. I thought it would be fun to treat my cancer situation with a shade of what this show is known for (among those who know the show) and be very matter of fact about it, or "distorted", if you will (will you?). Today's voice mail segment had a guy who called in using my name and saying that I really wasn't in this situation and I was just saying that to get attention. I e mailed Henson explaining that I was, in fact, who I said I was, and that other guy was an imposter. He totally straightened it out for me on the show and said he's going to plug my blog even. Thanks Tim!

It's incredibly entertaining hearing my voice on that show. Go ahead and check it out, if you dare. It. Is. Offensive. You've been warned.