Results Show

So I had another CT scan on Tuesday, the "results show" with Dr. T was yesterday. Everything seems to be holding stable still, so it'll be business as usual. Jeannine came with me to this appointment, it was nice having her along. These "result show" appointments can get a little stressful, but Jeannine did a great job. Thanks J9!

In other news, Tuesday I went to the Capitol Club with some friends (a place here on Capitol Hill, about 20 minutes walking from my apartment) to see a free Flamenco performance. It was astonishingly beautiful. Eric and Encarnación (a married couple), Eric played the guitar and Encarnación danced, sang and played rhythm guitar. Very, VERY professional quality show, the guitar playing was extraordinary. It was the kind of guitar playing that will make a guitar player want to sell (or smash) his guitar. I highly recommend checking them out sometime. They play every Tuesday night at the Capitol Club for free. Eric and Encarnación are professional musicians who play with some world renowned musicians, they play the Capitol Club for free because they just love the music. Really, it's an amazing show.