The Evil Cowboy

So, I mentioned in a previous post that I was invited to play bass for my friend's band "Hotels" CD release party. I didn't mention that the show will be following a specific theme (James Bond casino in outer space) and all the performers need to be in some form of character. Even though I am only going to be playing one song (the first song) I still need to be in character. My friend Blake who is the brains and brawn behind Hotels wasn't sure what sort of character I'd be playing, so Wednesday we went out to a vintage clothing shop owned by a friend of my friend Shannon. This shop exists in an out-building behind the woman's house and is simply rife with possibility. The woman who owns this shop (Melissa) is really plugged into the vintage clothing "scene" of Seattle. The shop has no advertising, but she is the main contact for all of Seattle's burlesque dancers (there are many), and works with theater groups for their costuming needs.

When we arrived at the shop, it took Blake nearly ten minutes to come up with an outfit for himself. As you might expect, he's wearing a cream colored tux jacket, black tux pants, etc... He looks very James Bond-ish, which is the point. We decided I was going to be the "Evil Texas oil billionaire" since those guys are prevalent around Las Vegas. I started trying on Western suits and boots and came up with the absolute coolest suit I've ever worn, complete with bolo tie. Melissa even agreed to rent the outfit to me (something she ordinarily doesn't do) because it was only going to be for one night, for one song, and because I looked so fucking good in it. It's a blue western suit with an orange shirt (the shirt is made by Marlboro), brown pointy toed boots. All I need is a big ten-gallon cow boy hat, in case anyone has one. I have a very large head, so it would need to an XL or something...

Anyway, that show is on the 26th in case anyone is interested in checking it out. It should be a really good time! If you want to go, it's probably a good idea to get your tickets in advance:

In other news, how about them Egyptians?