Can you even imagine the implications involved if it were to actually rain men? I mean, the swath of devastation from such an event would undoubtedly be directly correlated to the intensity of the down pour, as well as the length of the storm. Taking the popular song "It's Raining Men" as our reference, the skys darken and thunder is heard approaching. This leads me to believe this scenario is going to be catastrophic. The streets are going to be waist deep in flesh and gore. Cars are going to be smashed flat, not to mention the devastation in the housing sector. Thousands and thousands of full grown men (tall, dark and hansom, as the song describes) falling from thousands of feet, reaching terminal velocity, just to slam into the ground. The author states that she (presumably "she"?) is going to get totally soaking wet. With blood, one might assume. Can you imagine the clean-up project? Bulldozers and land fills are probably going to be in the works, but I'd bet we'd have to bring in natural scavengers to clean up some of the carnage. Releasing thousands of vultures and hyenas and other such creatures could get rid of at least some of the meat. Towns would have to be completely evacuated. The stench would be absolutely unbearable.