Pain Pills

So, they finally called me back at 5:30 yesterday. Because of the nature of the prescription (pain pills) they couldn't phone it in to the Walgreens, so I had to run down to the SCCA to pick it up. So that's solved. Wasn't worth all the frustration I put into it...

One other thing I feel the need to address is alternative therapies. I don't really want to be rude. Seriously, it's not my intention to be rude, but when someone comes up to me and says "You should at least try this (alternative treatment X), I mean what have you got to loose, right?" I'm going to answer with "No thanks" and sound like a jerk. These are things that people really believe in. I think to refuse to at least try the suggested therapy, I come across as a close minded fool. So I'm just going to ask that no one try and turn me on to any alternative therapies.

The thing is, I really believe in Western medicine. For some reason that has become unfashionable lately. I would be willing to bet that anyone in my situation would have an oncologist and be taking chemo therapy, not turning to alternative therapies, no matter how many ancient Chinese people used it to cure melanoma.

So I'm going to sound like a jerk just this once and get it all out of the way. I'm not interested in alternative therapies. If you bring it up with me, please expect eye rolling. I'm sorry.