Frustration and Pain

Well, my brief respite from my treatments is almost done. I'm going to start back with Wednesday morning's dosage. I'm also going to decrease it to three pills twice daily instead of four pills twice daily. This has not been the restful, strength restoring vacation from pain and illness I thought it would be. My right knee is bloated and hurts to even bend it. I'm almost out of the pain medication that Dr. T gave me for my foot pain (which subsided almost imeadtaely upon ceasing the medication) cause I've been using it to combat these knee and ankle issues. I've been trying to get ahold of my nurses at the SCCA to see if they can contact Dr. T and have him phone a refill in to my neighborhood Walgreens, but all I get is the voice mail line. I've probably called twenty times today. I left one message this morning, then another with much more urgency this afternoon. I tried going to Walgreens to see if the prescription was waiting for me, they had not heard from my doctor at all. I can't believe I haven't had a call back or anything at all from the SCCA. I'm quite pissed about it actually.

Anyway, this just continues the pattern of frustration and pain. Don't get cancer.