Quality Vs. Quantity

Well, I'm into my second week off the meds. For some reason, it feels like I'm going through another bout of joint pain. Like my body is responding to the drug exiting my body. It's a little different this time, it feels like there's fluid retention in my knees and ankles. When I was crawling out of the shower yesterday, I noticed that there was a little was a little pocket of fluid on the outside of my knee. Still taking the celebrex, so hopefully that's making a dent.

In other news, plans for my birthday are starting to materialize. I sent out as many invitations as I had contact information, but let it go without saying that everyone is invited. If you didn't receive an invitation, take no offense, it's only my lack of organization to blame. It will be Saturday July 9th and the Broadway Bar and Grill, probably starting at 8:30.

I'm still working through the "quantity of life vs. quality of life" question. I have to say that I'm leaning toward the quality side...