4 Days

Well, it's been 4 days with no meds, and I have to say, the side effects are relenting sooner then I thought. It feels really, really good. I might start back up this wednesday, but I might just wait one more week. I'll see how I feel.

I remember when I was little, Justin and I used to mimic our dad as he did his job as a roofer. It went something like this: "Tap tap BOOM. Tap tap BOOM. Tap tap BOOM." This is the sound of him setting a nail, then driving it in with one strike. Every time. He had this weird neck thing that would hold a row of nails and he would just machine through those things. It was impressive to watch. Tap tap BOOM. Tap tap BOOM. Tap tap BOOM. His hands were hard and calloused. I remember thinking his hands were that way because he was in the army, but it was because he was a hard worker. Well, probably both, but I would bet the farm all that hammer swinging had a very substantial stake in how his hands became that way. I wanted my hands to be hard like that. Perhaps I should've joined the army? Maybe I should just have my palms replaced with tree bark.