Sorry I haven't posted anything for a while, but things are still pretty much the same. I went to the Mariner's  game last monday with my very good friend Michelle. She works for Alki Lumber and they have two sets of season tickets. One set is about 15 rows off the field on the 100 level along the first base line. The area where you really have to be on your guard for foul tips and broken bats. Awesome seats though. After a couple beers in the Pyramid brewery beer garden across the street, we took our seats near the bottom of the first inning. Stayed there till the bottom of the 4th inning and went to the second set of season ticket seats.

I felt like a king. The second set were in the terrace club. Menus on the seat backs, waiters, the whole nine yards. It was great!

The next day, I was reminded once again how necessary it is for me to cover up from the sun. Even from being in those lower seats in the sun for a couple innings (and after applying a very generous layer of sun block) I burnt well and good. My hand was even slightly swollen from the burn the next morning. I had to laugh. Actually I didn't laugh, I sighed.

Overall though, I had a very, VERY good time! Thanks, Michelle!

I think I'm gonna go to the Muslim supply store and get one of those floor length burkahs with just the eye slit. Can you imagine me at the cash register asking the cashier if this fabric is SPF rated?