Cost of Ownership

I caught someone actually photographing my motorcycle the other day. Yes, I'm bragging that my bike is awesome. Because it is. I've said this before (and not to be all materialistic) but owning that bike has preempted a lot of negative feelings surrounding a shortened life span. It might sound cheesy, but I've really always wanted a bike like that, and actually having it turns out to be ten thousand times better then wanting it. When I park in the designated motorcycle parking section at work, there's ass loads of bikes on sunny days. There's bikes of all sorts and brands, shapes and sizes. When it comes to the big touring Harleys, there are two styles. Every single one (other then mine) is the same style. I love my fucking bike. It stands very clearly alone in a sea of other bikes.

I bought that service agreement this weekend. Thanks to everyone who contributed on my birthday, that is going to save me a ton of money. It turns out that it's a three year agreement, and I thought it was just two. I had them put notes in my account that the service agreement would stay with the bike even if it (a-hem) changed owners (within my family).

I had to pretty much remove any financial safety net I had accumulated in order to afford the service agreement. I don't regret it though. I actually have not a shred of buyers remorse about it. It includes oil changes every 2500 miles that I haven't been getting. I was told that if I was using synthetic oil (which I am) then I can just change the oil at the 5000 mile tune-ups. But since it's part of the service agreement, I'll definitely have that thing in there every 2500 for the oil change. I ride so much that I'm going to put that dealership in the poorhouse.

One weird thing about this is that it's the first time in the last year (and two months) that I've thought about the future. I knew about this deal at Lynnwood Harley a while ago, but thought it would be a terrible investment because the agreement would outlast me. I still think it might, but I'll definitely get my money's worth out of it.

The cost of ownership of this bike has been much, MUCH more then I thought it would be.