I got to see one of my favorite bands last night. Dredg. This is my 5th or 6th time seeing them, but last night's performance was the best by a long shot. Not that the other performances were sub-par, but last night they were really on. There weren't very many people there (probably because the Capitol Hill Block Party is this weekend), so there was a really intimate feeling at the show. Their song selection was really good too. It was a nice representation of their whole catalogue. It was a really, really good show.

If you're curious about this band, check out the songs: "It Only Took a Day", "Cartoon Showroom", "Ireland", "Down Without a Fight", "Of The Room", "The Canyon Behind Her", "The Tanbark is Hot Lava"... you could probably sample them at Amazon.com.

Anyway, I found a new brunch place last weekend. I was patronizing another place in my neighborhood called "The Unicorn" for brunch. They have an awesome french toast that has bacon and bananas on it. Very decadent. Then the hot bartender, Chelsea, mentioned something about having a boyfriend, and suddenly The Unicorn doesn't open early enough for me. I'll take my brunch money elsewhere, thank you. Some place with a hot bartender who has NO boyfriend, and the french toast is delicious, AND they open before 11. Is this asking too much?