Cancer's Expensive

This cancer shit is getting fucking expensive. I just mailed in $628 in medical bills. I'm sweating bullets a little right now. I hope I'm offered to work this weekend, cause if I am, I'm gonna snatch that shit right up. I. Need. The. Money.         Bad.

Anyway, in other news, I went on a nice relaxing camping trip over the weekend for my friend Katirose's birthday. I tried and TRIED to avoid the sun, wearing a long sleeve thermal and a hooded sweatshirt (in 85 degree heat), jeans, wide brimmed hat, sun block, staying in the shade, and I still got a pretty decent burn on my face. Waaaahhhhh.

Speaking of Katirose, her and I will be playing another open mic this wednesday at the Dubliner (in freemont on 36th and freemont) at 9:00. Please don't feel obligated to be there.