Curry Wurst

So today I went up the giant TV tower. I'm not sure if it functions as a TV tower (or even if it EVER functioned as one...) but it's really tall, probably taller then the space needle. Or it sure seemed to be. There's an inclosed observation deck on top. I haven't seen one clowd since my arrival, so it was a perfectly clear morning, but there is a lot of smog in the air. It was kind of surprizing. (the "z" key and the "y" key are exactly reversed. And the "quote marks" are over the number 2) After the TV tower I went to the national museum. Got to see some old shit. Then went to a restaraunt and ate a dish that's popular with the locals, it was a curry wurst with stewed potatoes with onions and bacon. And a large beer. All for 12.50. It was pretty rad. Another funny thing is that you can tip completely shitty and they really don't care :) After that I found my way back on the subway, getting to know that better. Now I'm just chilling at my hotel. Every place is closed on Sundays. A couple restaraunts are open, but that's pretty much it.

One funny thing I'm starting to notice is that I'm helpless to pronounce the names of the streets. When I hear them said over the speaker at the subway stations bearuing their name, I can barely understand. The names of the streets are starting to look more like pictures then words. I mean, they're clearly letters in a row, but it's easier to just know what Ebertstraße looks like rather then how to say it.