Why I'm Smiling :)

Hey peeps,

I'm in my hotel bar using the house computer. Saw the footprint of the Berlin wall today. Kinda weird to be standing where people used to be shot for going near. East Berlin (the old Communist side) is now the hot spot for tourists with shopping and sights and the whole 9. Pretty interesting shit.

So, if you were wondering what the thing that was that was making me smile, here it is: I met a very wonderful woman named Laura. Her presence in my life has been extremely positive, and as we are getting to know one another, it seems like the sweetness keeps unfolding to reveil more sweetness. If you're lucky enough to meet her, then you'll be... well... lucky. She's pretty much a shining becon of sweetness and tenderness. Yeah, I'm smiling. Big. Shit eating smiles.

Anyway, I got to see part of where the Berlin wall was today. Literally just a line in the sidewalk. Kinda surreal to be standing on the east side, knowing it used to be desolate and repressed. Now the East side is a buzzing hive of activity, lots of sights, hystoric and otherwise.

This computer I'm using doesn't have spell check on this web site. I know I'm a ridiculously bad speller, so just bare with me. I think you'll get the picture...

I'll try to get on here more while I'm in Berlin.