Iron and Red

Sorry I haven't gotten on here in a while. I guess I just don't have anything interesting to say. I discovered a band the other day that is turning out to be a really great find. They are called "The Dear Hunter". Very interesting music.

I went to a German restaurant (probably more of a "Bavarian" restaurant, right Camilla?) last night, had their version of curry wurst. It was ok. Kind of left me wanting. I think I might take a little tour of Seattle's German (Bavarian) restaurants, trying all the curry wurst I can get my lips around (gross?).

So, yeah, Christmas is coming up. There's that.

I decided that when people ask me if there was ice on my way to work, I'm just gonna play it down. I'm a little tired of having a million moms. And when I crash my bike into a twisted mass of iron and red, I personally give everyone permission to give me a good old "I told you so". But in the mean time, I'm just gonna ride. Deal?