Outside the Protocol

Not too much to report on. I had a scan a couple weeks ago. The cancer continues to hold stable. I am now the current record holder at the SCCA for this drug. No one has been able to take it as long as I have. Also, because I'm still involved in the study, there's certain protocol that has to be followed according to what cycle I'm on (a cycle is three weeks of treatment), like specific blood draws in addition to the regular blood draws. My research coordinator was saying that they only wrote the protocol for 26 cycles. That's where I'm at. She had to contact the drug company to see how to proceed. It's kinda funny to me, even the drug company didn't think study participants would be able to take it as long as I have. I must rock, or something.

Also, I've been deeply, DEEPLY immersed in Steven King's "Dark Tower" series. Completely obsessed. I read the first book ("The Gunslinger") when I was in Berlin, Jeannine loaned it to me for the trip. Yesterday I finished book 5 ("Wolves of the Calla"), went to half priced books and got 6 & 7. I'll be starting on these today. I swear, I'm gonna give myself bedsores from too much reading.