Well, you may all now collectively say "I told you so". I laid down the bike on my way in this morning. It was warm when I left, almost balmy, but I must have hit a patch of ice or something and it came out from under me doing about sixty. I slid quite a while, but don't have a bump, a bruise, or a scrape on me. My leathers aren't really even rashed up. The bike on the other hand... It's not looking so good. After I uprighted it (with the help of a passing motorist) it started right up with no hesitation, but things are pretty bent on it, the handlebars, the shifters, there's rashing on both sides cause the bike flipped over and got both sides. The fairing has a hole in it.

Anyway, I'm fine, I just need to get it to the dealership (whose shop is closed on Mondays) and get an idea of what all needs to be done. I'm stressed and frazzled as hell right now.

That was fucking scary. Please, don't really say "I told you so", the stress this has caused me is enough of a punishment.