Well, one day out from the big spill. Processing. Last night I actually had a dream about whale watching. Not necessarily out on a boat doing some "official whale watching", more like Laura and I were strolling along an ocean beach, I was looking out into the water and started to see whales breaching the surface of the water. I think they were gray whales, or humpback. Either way, they were completely majestic. 

I almost wonder if there's some subconscious correlation to those wonderfully formidable creatures hurdling themselves into the air, and the sight of my wonderfully red motorcycle hurdling itself into the air as it flipped over to emit a whole new shower of sparks. The dream: Beautiful. The experience: Horrifically distressful. 

I don't think it's a good idea to say (or type) "the worst", but I know we all know that there could easily have been worse outcomes to this story. Much worst. Damage to that beautiful machine I call "Danger" is the very easiest of the outcomes to transcend. I have a bruise on my hip, my body is a little sore. 

Most dudes who do what I just did (enter "the worst"). I jumped right up. Not out of pure adrenaline, though it was involved. Some people will have a crushed hip and legs and just jump right up with all the adrenaline but I was legitimately unscathed. There is some scraping on the right snaps on the outside of that chap leg, and the zipper tab for my jacket picket on the right side broke off. Other then that, there is no wear on my gear at all. My helmet didn't even touch the ground. I must've slid at least 100 feet. 

The sound of my leathers along the black top is fresh in my memory. It sounded like a zip line. Zzzzzzzzzzip!!!

Anyway, I'm tempted to post pictures of the wreckage that Danger became, but I'm afraid I'll scare my mom too much :) It's pretty gnarly. And by the way, I'm not going to hesitate if/when Danger gets out of the shop. I can't wait to get back on that mother fucking horse!