It's been interesting at work with all the other bikers, guys I don't even really know, seeking me out where I work and checking on me, shaking my hand, etc. I even got to meet the guy who helped me get the bike turned upright. He said my body slid closer to 150 feet. Lynnwood Harley finally came and grabbed it yesterday from work. Turns out there's $12,600 damages. I haven't heard back form my insurance company, weather or not they consider that to be totaled or whatever. We'll see. I've decided not to stress about it because I can't do a single thing about it. 

I did write a little verse about it today though, I'm going to share it here:

I am constructed from fire forged metal
settling back into a meadow of nettles
Drinking boiling water straight from a whistling kettle 
drop a cinder block down onto my gas pedal

In the moment after the red glide slips
and slides, grinds, sparks and skips
I approach the landing at 60 on my hip
the sound I'm making on the blacktop is "ZIP!"

My bones are carbon fiber and my skin is leather
nothing can stop me altogether, not even the coldest weather
The aggressive professor pleasures in several severed tethers
I'll take whatever, whoever, whenever, whatever.