The Rise of Danger

I finally heard back from my insurance company, and they are going to go ahead and do the repairs on the bike. This was incredibly good news to me, because I think I might be a bit upside-down in that loan. I think I'm gonna ask the shop replace any chrome parts that have an option in black, to go ahead and go with the black. It might cost me a few extra bucks out of pocket, but I think it'll mark Danger, almost like a tattoo you'd get to commemorate the occurrence of something significant. It should be in the shop for quite some time. I'm told they have to take everything off my frame, cut the neck off the thing and send it to the factory where these frames are made. That neck will be welded onto the new frame because it's got the vin number on it. I'm almost gonna have a completely new motorcycle (with 40,000 miles on it).

It's still hard to believe what I did Monday. Very few people walk away from things like that without a scratch, let alone show up for work on time and work a full day. I think the shock of the situation is starting to fade. The memory is still there, crisp upon recall, but it's not forcing itself into the front of my consciousness. Especially now that all the metaphoric heavy lifting is done. Now the real heavy lifting starts. I'm gonna try to make it up to the shop to photo-document the process.

That's it, hope you're having a very good day, sir.