Well, I finally got my car situation figured out. I'm back to being self sufficient, at least for the time being. Yesterday afternoon I went and got a '74 VW Beetle I found on Craigslist. It's silver with black interior. It's in really great shape, I could probably show it if I wanted to. It runs well too, making it all the way to 70 mph on my way home from LaConnor (where I bought it from). It's a fun little car, that's for sure. It needs a sound system, which is fairly easily handled, I'll probably just get something simple so it won't get ripped off in my neighborhood. I need a name for her, so if anyone's got suggestions, I'm open to them. I'm leaning toward "Berlin" (cause she's from Germany), or "Marcia" (because of her era). Any ideas? I'll post pictures of it when I get home from work today.

Other then that, not a lot going on. I'm thinking about taking a cruse sometime in May, an Alaskan cruse most likely. I've never been on a cruse before, so it should be interesting. Also, KatiRose and I are getting closer to our next open mic, I'll keep you posted on the when's and the where's of that situation. Probably gonna do a different place next time, a place less popular then the Hopvine, leaving more available seating for folks who want to check it out. We're doing a few really nasty hip hop songs in a folk style. It'll be really fun/offensive. We're doing the songs completely unedited, leaving in words that people like us (white) are not supposed to use in public (or ever...), but it should be funny. Or at least that's our hope.