Decked in Leather

I just got home from seeing my favorite scientist (Richard Dawkins) give a lecture. How many people have a favorite scientist? Show of hands? It was great, I would consider this person to be one of my personal heros, so seeing him speak was really special.

In other news, the plans for that fashion show are moving forward. I went to a little soiree last week at the Neiman Marcus in Bellevue. I had to pass through a registrar to enter the event, and my name wasn't on "the list". I actually used a sequence of words I never thought I would: "I'm one of the models". I was let right in. As it turns out, there are 20 models, and two are dudes; me and a guy that looks to be about 50ish. Its fun because a cancer survivor usually isn't young, so me being in this show is a treat for some of the organizers. I met the woman who is going to be designing my outfit. She has a studio in Pioneer Square and works mostly in leather and fur. She told me her motorcycle jackets usually fetch around $3200. And she's gonna put a whole outfit together especially for me. I'm so lucky to have cancer!!!

Regarding attending the actual event, it's on June 14, and I believe it's in the afternoon. There are a limited number of tables, and each table has ten seats. A person signs up to be a "table captain", committing to filling the table with people or pay for the empty seats. The BIG catch is that it's about $150 per person. I went ahead and became a table captain so there would be a place for people who might want to see me decked out in fine leather (I still can't believe this is happening...). Two of the seats are currently spoken for, so I have 8 remaining. I figure you could tell me through this blog's comments, by facebook, by e mail ( or whatever if you'd be interested. Hopefully I can find 8 people, but even if I can't, it'll be worth it :)

Peace, love and harmony to all creatures with the possession of sentience!