Swing Your Mullet

The fashion show plans continue to develop. Next week I've got a meeting with the woman designing my outfit for a fitting, then I have to go to a meeting to have a head shot taken and lessons on how to work the run way. This should definitely be a unique experience. There's still 4 available seats at my table if anyone's interested.

The tickets for our Alaskan cruise have been purchased. We're leaving right from the Seattle waterfront on May 12th and returning on the 19th. Then I get two weeks at home, then off for another week on the beach in Charleston for Laura's birthday. Her family rents a beach house the same week every year for her birthday, so I get to meet the whole family. I won't be able to play on the beach much, at least not during the day time, but I'm told there's a screened-in porch with a hammock, perfect for reading. And as luck would have it, Stephen King is releasing the 8th book in the Dark Tower series in a couple weeks, I might try to not read it till the beach house, but no promises.

I finally rode Danger to work for the first time yesterday since getting her back. I think I've got some very deep mental trauma that I'm not even consciously aware of that's preventing me from riding. I'll definitely get over it, that's for sure. As I see the weather warming up, I can feel my issues melting away. Besides, I've been enjoying the heck out of the Bug. Finally got some speakers installed, and now waiting to get the stereo hooked up, then I'll finally be able to rock out and swing my mullet around. Finally.