Last Friday was another CT scan. I've brought this up before, I'm almost certain, but they give me an injection of this stuff (that's radioactive, I think) before I get scanned that is supposed to make my insides show up with better resolution inside the machine. It comes out of this weird apparatus that has a bunch of blinking lights and shit with a reservoir on the bottom where the stuff is held. They push a couple buttons and an automatic plunger pushes the stuff down a coiling tube and into an IV line running into my arm. It starts to feel like really hot water being injected into my body, I can feel it spreading down my arm, across my chest, down my torso and legs. It feels like I'm pissing myself. Then I get passed through the CT machine. That aspect of the scan only takes a minute or two, but afterwards, after the heat starts cooling, I get a really pronounced wave of nausea. I've never actually thrown up from this, but every time it gets closer and closer. My mouth starts filling up with saliva and I start swallowing and swallowing and swallowing. It's really nasty. Next time I'm just going to let myself wretch, I think that will actually feel better. And it'll contribute to the maintenance of my girlish figure.

So my results appointment was yesterday with the Good Doctor, Dr. T. He told me that my tumors have been shrinking in small increments, too small to be a huge event over the course of one scan interval, but over the two years I've been on this drug, there's been some noticeable changes. My first couple scans were the most dramatic reduction in tumor size from my "base line" (the tumor's size before any medication), about 19% after the first scan, and maybe another 10% after the second. The shrinking slowed, but didn't stop. I'm up to about 48% reduction from my base line right now. I about shit my Haynes boxer briefs when he told me this. I've been under the impression that shrinking occurred right off the bat, but hasn't continued, but this isn't the case. The other shoe, it seems, is being clutched a little tighter by the dropper (is this too abstract?).

Anyway, I thought this was good news worth passing along. 48% baby, 48%.