PT Cruiser

I think cops are becoming the enemy of man. I would bet that one out of every ten thousand interactions with a law enforcement officer aren't uncomfortable and scary. We see a police cruiser parked on the side of the road and our blood pressure increases. We glance down at the speedometer and shift our hands to a respectable "ten-and-two" position. Perhaps I feel this way because I'm constantly carrying a balloon of drugs around in the fleshy darkness of my anus. I know a cop's goal isn't to make friends with people, but when was the last time I felt good about an interaction with a cop? I think never. Or very nearly never.

Also, I think the Christler PT Cruiser aught to be taken off the road. The Pacer and Gremlin were the quintessential "ugliest cars" until the good old PT stole the title. What are you, PT Cruiser? Are you a mini van? A sports car? Are you trying to look like a classic? If so, you suck at it. It's like the people who designed it wanted to do something radical, but still be appealing to folks living in the compounds of Colorado City, Arizona. Get it together, PT Cruiser.