Sleigh Bells

Greetings to people of all of Earth's races. Last weekend I rode to Lake Chelan with Laura on the motorcycle. Probably the last long road trip for the season. This was Laura's first long trip, and I must say, she did fantastically well. Maybe even close to spectacular. The weather was absolutely perfect for the trip, that route is exquisite in it's scenery.

Also, I recently got to see a band that rocks, "Refused". They stopped making music back in 96 or so, and haven't done anything since then. I don't know what sparked it, but they're on tour now, playing all their old stuff. It was really, really good, probably better then I was expecting, and I had very high expectations. The band that opened for them was called "Sleigh Bells", and they were a terrible offense to all existing things. It was some kind of a bastard, ill favored, oft abused step son of rap, metal and techno. Yeah. No. They were terrible, and earned every measure of my loathe a thousand times over.